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There is a special time in a woman’s life- the time when she first becomes a mother. That joy- that gift- and all the little ups and downs that come with it, is an experience that truly and forever changes a woman. She is never the same, although there are times she may sit down and enjoy a (rare) quiet moment to reflect- she may miss the person she once was. The hopes for her own self that never really came to fruition.  The longing for the dreams and goals she may now need to place on the back-burner because of this babe. The idea that she may never ever again pee in peace. Then, she kind of shakes it off, realizing the fact that this baby was going to change everything, and color her whole world with love. With an all-consuming Big Love that will change her to her core.
This baby will become her hopes, her dreams, her every big goal. Being a first time mom is not easy, but it sure is damned rewarding. The joy you feel when you see your baby’s smiles and giggles- you’ll begin to live for those. Filling up your phone with picture after picture, insisting that each is special and unique and you can’t bear to delete even one photo.
Then comes pregnancy number two. That in-between phase that resembles the calm before the storm. With the main concern being how #1 will react. This deceptively peaceful time where mama will shower her eldest with all of her love and then some, for the fear that when baby #2 comes along, that #1 will somehow be displaced. Well, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.
When Jennifer contacted me for maternity pictures, she was adamant about having these images of her current family of 3, and one in her belly. It was so important to her to document this in-between phase- before everything changes- for the better.
Because when we have another, we don’t give up some love and take from the first child, our hearts grow outward and we open up more space for the welcoming of the new child. Our hearts grow bigger.  We become what they need of us to be- the loving, caring, patient mother and first role model our children see and need. I get it, I was worried about the same thing before having my littlest. I worried for no reason. Because I wasn’t taking anything away, I was growing and providing even more.
Jennifer, you look so lovely, so serene- as you face the upcoming changes. You so got this. I can tell by the way little J looks at you that you will be everything she could want right now.
And little J made me work for it. All the hooting and hollering didn’t work and finally the little cutie began to laugh crazily when daddy made the puppet dog attack my head! I had to scream and put up a fight, of course. What a little sweetheart, she is so cute I just want to squeeeeze her cheeks!
It was such a pleasure taking these images for your family. I had so much fun with you guys.  It is my hope that you have a smooth delivery, Jennifer, and your new baby girl steal your hearts- even big sis’s.

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