Orange County Family Photographer. Luna Mommy and Me Session.

Spring time is here and I would love to share this sweet Mommy-and-Me session I had with fellow OC mom and photographer, Gina. We met online, as we were both photographers, and moms- often leaving comments for the same “I need a photographer…” post on Facebook. She said I had my panties in a twist when I complained about late night parties and I thought she was pretty outspoken and knew, and friended, pretty much every single photographer- locally, and some of my heroes.
Come to find, she’s just a sweet, busy mom and photographer.
She wanted a Mommy-and-Me session to remember this hectic life of hers, in which she is always behind the camera. You see, we photographers practice what we preach. We don’t just say that images are important, we live it. We want, and need these images that redefine ourselves– as a mother and a competent one at that. We need to see in print, the look that our little one gives us, at age two, when life is either sunshine and giggles, or the sweltering pits of hell– determinable by which color bowl you get with your cereal. Priorities, people.
Little K gave me a run for my candy! I usually don’t give them out in the beginning, for fear this very thing might happen, but she, in a snap-snap diva way, dictated that the shot would run on Pez candies. Ms. Sassypants was in charge and mom was left with a soft smile, probably guessing that fighting would be futile. So, I hand over candy after candy, with mom’s approval, and the little ball of sass, continued on with her bad self.
WORTH IT! Am I right? As a mom, one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is to ebb and flow. Especially, as a photographer. Especially, if you stay at home. We can stick to our rigid values and our formal “beliefs” regarding the best parenting platforms to follow, or we can learn the fine art of ebb and flow- or, choose your battles. You will crack under the pressure. If, for one night she is able to consume a little sugar in exchange for pictures soooooo sweet, this one is marked as a win for mom! I mean, that little nose tip to nose tip is so adorable, and very little prompting or convincing for this one! A true photographer’s daughter.
Such an adorable duo, these two.
Gina, I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day with your fiance and your little spunky nugget. I know you feel me when I say it’s a struggle but you blink, and it all does go by so fast. Snuggle her close for me, and give a kiss to her “baby” for me. You guys are beautiful and I hope you keep these images close to your heart.

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