Orange County Family Photographer. de Paolo Family Session

de Paolo Family Session

As with any other photo session, I plan and left early. I didn’t know the area and figured I could use the time to scope out the scene as my family was in Legoland for the day anyway. What I wasn’t prepared for was the frickin Ortega Highway. It was all dangerous curves, fast speeding cars, and two lanes (no passing), Oh, forgot about the mountainous terrain and the inability to see 50 ft in front of the car. It was my first time. People who live out in SJC are probably laughing at me now, but I was legit scared! I white-knuckled it as I tried to maintain the speed limit because some truck thought it’d be fun to get super close and honk me from behind, just to make things more interesting.
But I made it there alive in one piece, breathing too.
Drove all the way to the back after asking the rangers where to go, and I found pure bliss. It was all dry landscapes, cactii, and tall rock formations. There were also tons of families with their campers and BBQ stuff out preparing for a snack or early dinner. The sound of kids chasing each other as they kicked up real dust from the ground.
The de Paolo’s show up, all sunshine and magic wands. (Did we lose those, by the way, Jacqueline??) The little girls run right up to me, not one bit shy. I tongue twisted their names a bit as I tried to maneuver our way to see the last vestige of the sun.

When they say the sun sets at 4:30 and you’re in the woods amongst tall trees, they actually mean 3:45 or 4:00pm instead, because the sun gets completely covered by the tall trees that it’s impossible to see. Just a PSA.

Well, shucks, folks. Just look at this. 2017-11-14_0002
Really take a second and breathe in the freshness of the outdoors. It really is amazing to be out in nature, amongst the huge living trees.
This family really knew how to love. They were all snuggles and kisses and hugging into each other. I rarely had to tell them to get closer– with my two arms motioning in, lol, they just were naturally close. One kiss from dad to mom would mean kisses all around… and I really loved it.
We played a game with the quilt, but little G got a bit flustered and scared, not comprehending that it meant fun, unlike the older C had just the most fun running back and forth before the blanket “caught” her.
Jacqueline, besides being a mom to these 2 adorable girls, used to do styling for photo shoots. Their outfits fit perfectly with the outdoor rustic, but chic and boho. Exactly my style. These sweethearts got a chance to spin like ballerinas in a magical amazing place with the most wonderful light. And I got it all! I hope they treasure these when they’re older…
Such beauties. All three and the baby in the belly make four!
These daddy and me shots are perfection. The girls adore him and it shows in their strong connection.
I hope the girls grow up super sloooooooooow for both of your sakes, they are too precious and precocious at the same time. I wanted to take G home with me, I mean, just look at her! That sweet little smile…
de Paolos, I hope you enjoy your images, thank you for taking the time in the midst of moving to come escape for a bit with me in that magical space.

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