Orange County Family Photographer. Nguyen Family Session

Nguyen Family Session

It’s been a while since my last in-home lifestyle session, but getting to document your good friends is quite a special treat. I arrived to a near spotless kitchen and a family getting ready. Mama is quite the planner and paid extra attention to make sure our session ran smoothly and with so much fun and vibrancy.
We began the session with one of little A’s favorite activities- reading. For a girl in kinder with a cayuuute boyfriend to boot, little A is quite the bookworm. She chose a book about princesses and her little brother chose one about animals. Ever since he was a baby, little A was into animals… farm animals, animal sounds, animal videos, animal cartoons… you name it!

We lost little bro to a dinosaur calling his name (and mine, he just had to show me… graowlllllll) but little missy kept on reading her book until…. DANCE PARTY! These photos totally crack me up! I mean girlfriend werk it! Hair toss and eeerrrthang! But look at little bro’s moves in the back, oh man, crack me up!!

Next, we moved into the kitchen where we were prepping to bake some chocolate chip cookies.  The kiddos were enjoying every minute, A sported a new apron that was to die for, both retro and pretty.

Then came the ultimate time consuming, gut wrenching, soul draining effort of waiting…. for… cookies…. to… bake.

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And, eating!

Then, we rushed upstairs to do some quick digesting, *ahem* jumping on the bed like little monkeys.

The cutest kiddos you ever did see!

Loved their matching jammies. Phew!
Lots of fun was had today and these irresistible images are testament to the importance of cherished memories in the home. Jenny specifically wanted this magic captured so that they can all remember, clearly, what fun was like growing up. The moments that pass us by in a quick blur of messy buns and endless days, are actually quite beautiful when preserved in a way you can appreciate. I’m confident these images will bring silly smiles to the kids and adults alike and remind them of just how little they were, how hard they loved on one another, and how liberating it feels to just be free for a few hours. We don’t want time to pass us by without having something to remind us. The squirmy-wormies, the contagious laughter, the bright-eyed-bushy-tailed Bounciness– of kids being kids.
Thank you Nguyen Family, for being our friends and our neighbor.
Also, feel free to note Jenny’s AMAZING skin and her uber lush lashes, she is a local R&F consultant so feel free to contact her with any of your skincare/lash needs.

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