Orange County Family Photographer. Yang Family Session

Yang Family Session

I sat as still as I could, in the firm cushioned salon chair, and squirmed a bit uncomfortably. I mean, realistically, how long can you stare at yourself in the mirror without starting to pick apart your features? I started to peruse my iphone, as so many of us do in these types of situations, because I would be sitting in that chair for about 3 hours. Yes, those of us not blessed with naturally straight hair or the wavy, curly types. There exists some of us creatures born with frizz for hair.
I said it, I’m not afraid of a little beautifying when things are extreme. Extreme cases like mine call for hair pros that can straighten it with harsh chemicals, and still have it feel silky and look shiny. I browsed some family images on my phone, when my stylist casually says,

Those are some nice pictures.
I’ve been meaning to take some family pictures.

And, not a sweeter word has met my ears. I did the whole, slow turn around towards her– one eyebrow raised… We set up a casual date in my calendar and a few weeks and some pinterest boards later, here we are.

Riley Wilderness Park has a special place in my heart because of the dead fields and the amazing light. For all non-photogs out there, the reason these dead monotone fields make such a good backdrop/frontdrop/whatevertheheck drop is because it is a natural bounce light. It reflects a perfect soft beige (no colorcast-yay!) focus of light right back at the person of interest, and in our case, this adorable family.

But hidden next to these popular hills are a wonderful delightful secluded area with tall trees both standing and fallen. These are the hidden GEMS I love to look out for. Especially if the light can just tipsy out of the corners of the trees while shouldering the sun’s harsh rays away from my families.
And, dads, please listen up dads!

Take a note from this amazing daddy, to be DOWN for images. Don’t do it just for your wife, don’t do it just for your Christmas cards, do it because this means a lot. It should even mean a lot to YOU. Don’t be grouchy, look at your watch, or even roll your eyes. LOL NONE of my dads have ever done this, by the way! But be present. Share this moment with the loves of your life. The loves you helped create. These moments will carry you through some dark times. I am just a careful observer, to capture my version of your chapter. This shouldn’t be uncomfortable in any way, but a joy to show off to the world. If you are uncomfortable in any way, please feel free to have a chat with me. I love getting to know you all and feel connected to each and every one of my families.

Because when love and joy show up at the same time and is met up with Fun, then the magic occurs naturally.

I love seeing palpable, feeling, moving, true love. It is true what they say about marriage. It’s the choosing that’s most important. Choosing to hold one another close, choosing to remain on the same side, and choosing to stay in love. Sometimes with little ones so young and needy, it’s necessary to put things on pause and to slow your own selves down to make room for your babies, but once they’ve taken that love and care you’ve given them and are allowed to really blossom themselves, you can take some of that back for yourself, and the one you’ve chosen to walk beside.

As always, I loved spending the evening with this little family. For the first time in a long time, I had to bust out my Mandarin Chinese for a whole hour. FYI, my jokes are no where as funny in Chinese. Bah.


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  • Jen - Beautiful images and so eloquently written! I love reading posts by photographers who know how to write, and you definitely have that gift! Keep the gorgeous images coming!ReplyCancel