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The Ly Family

Before I begin this wild ride, I preface with the definition to the term Irish Twins-

Two children born in short orderHaving two children as close as 10 to  18 months is  comparable to having unequal twins, and they are even called  Irish twins  (

Ok, so now that we have that little term understood, let’s bring in the Ly Family! They have been our friends since the hubs and I started dating, eons ago. Let’s not get into numbers, here- so not my forte. But this sweet couple have themselves a set of outgoing Irish Twins! The older, Z is 2 and the younger, A, is 1. She isn’t just a sit-down-on-her-bum-and-look-pretty 1 year old, no way… she is the bolt in whichever direction her brother wasn’t running in type of 1 year old. Yes, folks, we got ourselves two runners.

Now, while not the craziest kids I’ve ever worked with, these two were not shy and approached people if they were curious about something, say, a bright red jacket, or a maple leaf– you know, whatever happens to catch a 1-2 year olds eye.  So Safe Shot first, thankful for them cooperating as much as they did, because the wildness of these parks do beckon…

Honestly, to little ones this place has gotta seem pretty damn magical. Look at the trees! Are we in a forest? The grass has got holes around them, I bet I can stomp that part down! Ooooh, look there’s a bicycle coming right at me! I wonder if I can get extra points for stepping aside at the verrrry last second. Yay! I did it!
Sometimes, as parents we have certain visions, plans, or goals for our children. Sometimes, kiddos have easy temperaments and are wanting to comply, but oftentimes, most times actually, they don’t. And maybe just maybe, they know best.
We as parents are then taught one of the most important rules of parenting. It should probably be called the Golden Rule in photographing children.

Roll with the punches. Pick your battles.

Really, a toddler won’t have the mindset or the capability to sit there and cheese for you. Would you even want that? Oftentimes they KNOW exactly what it is they should do. Most often– it’s play. This was the exact moment Tim decided to eff the shoot and just sit down to play with big Z. Big Z soaked up his daddy’s love like a sponge, and lo and behold… stopped trying to run away from all of us.

Love this genuine smile from daddy as I can visibly see the tension leave his body. I know it’s real– I’ve hung out with this guy years before he became a daddy and this is probably the happiest I’ve ever seen him.

These images pull at my heart not because of the perfect lighting and the soft colors but because I know that Tim is a great father. It’s the little things that truly speak in an image- the way his hand gently but firmly holds big Z as if in protection, while the other hand is naturally holding his little hand almost mid-stroke with his thumb. Big Z feels safe, and protected- yet bold and free- to be a little kid.

But, oh my word, the bond between a mother and child is so so fierce.

This little wild child took no direction but always found sanctuary in momma’s arms. Kym, you keep doing your thing… Irish twins- they had to make a word up to describe your kiddos’ ages but really it’s managing organized chaos and you do it so beautifully. The kids will get older and will outgrow this phase– no longer will you chase one and holler at the other one. They will start to walk alongside you, holding your hands. Then they will walk alongside you, refusing your hand. Soon, you will dream of the days when your kiddos are small and wild- and they did as they wished and left you tired- tired, but happy.
You are their mother.

Tim and Kym you were made for this. And I’m so lucky to be a friend (and a photographer) to share in these memories with you. I hope you cherish these images as they will be something you look back on fondly.
Even if they weren’t totally perfect.


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