Orange County Family Photographer. Aho Family Session

Aho Family Session.

I have started and stopped this blog many times before and each time it becomes harder. On the one hand, I’ve promised to be true to my voice and vision, on the other hand– I don’t believe the story is always mine to tell. And, with that, I leave the reader and hopefully photo enthusiast with a link to Erin’s FB page here.  Feel free to get lost there, and read up on her blogs as I have.

I still tread lightly and with much love for this amazing family.

Because, you see, these kids totally embraced me as one of their own, right from the get-go. The girls both ran up to me- friends from the start. The younger two are boy/girl twins and so excited for what the day had in store. This was one of my first shots taken and very true to their personalities. Miss M with the curtsy and little E with his tongue out, and little S snuggled up to dad. I later introduced E to my snowman Pez dispenser who only gives out candy to deserving boys with nice happy smiles, and imagine my surprise when all of a sudden, his tongue stayed where it should be- in his mouth and behind his nice smile.

I’ve said it so many times before that while posed photos are nice– the candids grab my heart. They can make me smile, wonder what is happening here, and remind me of the laughter we shared. Just look at their cheeky grins!

On this day, daddy was there. And boy, was he ever there. I absolutely love a daddy that is in love with his family and Garrett, your love truly shows.

Just look at how beautifully it shows.

I never want you to appear “forced” or “cheesy”, so please, just wipe that thought out of your head. I just want you to be in the moment with your loved ones.  I really live and breathe these lovely images and just editing them make me feel a bit of a wizard. Like I’m tampering with something magical. These moments.
These moments are YOUR moments.

The ones that will remind you of your kiddos at 3 and 5, when they’re full of spunk and animation. When they want to non-stop go-go-go! And, how you kept up with that. Well, on this day you allowed yourself to stop and breathe for a second, and enveloped each other in the feelings you don’t often show.
And they look so lovely.

When these living, breathing, feelings are given life, they should be printed- and hung. For a chapter, for a season. To be admired, to spread the joy. To remind ourselves that happiness is not a goal or a destination. It is the brave and steadfast smile we put on each and every damn day as the youngest pours her cereal and milk all over the hardwood floors.

We can all smile at the pretty things.

Especially when the pretty things are moments of your children in love with each other, on an amazing day- however mundane. That we get to call our life.

We are all so blessed, when we count up all our little wonders. So so very blessed.

Erin, you are an amazing woman and Garret, such a beautiful soul. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together from the beginning to the end. Your children are such a joy to be around- I especially loved M’s incessant “girl-friend” chatter,  and the way little S’s quiet friendship. They are strong and resilient and have such a great source of hope and love in you and Garrett. Please give them a hug for me.


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