About Me


photo courtesy: gina luna photography


Once upon a time, a little girl was told that beauty would conquer the world. That, if you want to make it in this world, you would need to be beautiful.  That beauty, was a woman’s power and worth. But, this same little girl was a troublemaker- part of the local bike crew in the neighborhood. Before the milk ‘stache had time to crust on her lips, she’d be out the door with her trusty pink and white 2 speed daddy bought her from the swap meet. Whether it was running for her life from the screaming neighbor (his flowers were so irresistible) and diving into the dog house so he wouldn’t know where she lived, this little girl kind of did things her own way, and didn’t give a rat’s behind about how she looked.

There is a time and place for perfection, for beautiful things. For Instagram-worthy hashtags and pushing the clutter to the side to get “the shot”.
But there is a bigger time for strength. For stories, for life having been lived, and all the scars we accumulate throughout these times.
I want to capture the beautiful and the strong.

Because the lie I was told in the early days bear some semblance of truth. Beauty IS a woman’s strength- her grace, her presence, and her love– all facets of that power. The meaning behind that secret smile and the confidence we’re not afraid to show. Being a parent is hard. The days are long and the hours are longer, but the months are short and the years zoom by.

We need to exist in our photos. There is no better way to remember that infectious 2 year old’s belly laughs than oddly, with a still image.



my baby girl snuggling daddy.


I’m Jennifer. I’m still that same risk-taker. I’m going to show the world how beautiful your love is, and looks.

By the way, I’m also a certified Makeup Artist and would NEVER let you have your photo taken with a smudge under your eye… just say’in.




2016 family portrait


On to photography…
At every stage of my life, I wanted to photograph exactly that: when I was a newleywed- I wanted to capture weddings, when I had my first child- a newborn photographer. Now that I have 2 kids, I treasure family photography.  My preference now is the family bond. The family growth.  The shared snuggles, daddy’s big bear hugs and the screams/belly laughs of innocence. If I can see it then so can you, if you are lost and confused about the state of the world, you can always remind yourself– just take a look at what you have, your little treasures.



still lovin the huggies in 2017


… and 2018 🙂